1. Are you looking for A Safe & 100% Guaranteed Pension through-out life-time along with passing on the guaranteed income to your spouse through-out her life too?
  2. Do you want to FIX your interest rate of your retirement corpus today itself?
  3. Do you want to just pay once for building your retirement corpus?


Then… you may consider L.I.C’s new guaranteed pension plan (Deferred Option) – JEEVAN SHANTI. As the policy name conveys, the plan provides “Shanti” against worrying on reducing interest rates & guarantees the pension today itself through out your life time. This plan would be an ideal one for those in the age group of 35-50 years to plan their pension by making just a one-time investment today.

You may choose the deferment period from 1-20 years & the guaranteed interest rate varies accordingly. The Interest rate also varies as per the age of the person. What more – Jeevan Shanti also provides for life insurance cover by way of Purchase Price + guaranteed additions during the deferment term (and) minimum 110% of Purchase price during the pension receiving period. You may opt for various modes of receiving pension – Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly or yearly.

Let us take a quick example of a 45 year old investing 20 lakhs in L.I.C’s Jeevan Shanti – the guaranteed pension pay-out for different deferment periods will be as below:

GST @ 1.8% is payable on the purchase price in addition.


Now presuming, I invest this 20 lakhs in any other instrument & decide to take up the pension from Banks, Post Office (or) L.I.C’s Immediate annuity plan at the end of the deferment period of say 10 years – the corpus we can build over this time period and the expected pension is given as below. Here I have assumed the annuity rate to be at 4% (which itself in my opinion may be a little higher after a period of 10-15 years).


As we can observe from the above table, JEEVAN SHANTI (without taking Risk) guarantees today a life-long pension of 2,45,400/- p.a.

To achieve this pension, one has to expect his money to grow at 12% CAGR for the next 10 years if he considers investing in Equity Mutual Funds & then utilize the corpus to take up as pension after 10 years.

Conclusion: If you have a surplus amount that you want to park exclusively for your retirement & guarantee the pension pay-out today itself, then you may consider L.I.C’s Jeevan Shanti – a plan whose importance will be truly felt during your golden years of retirement.