Shirdi Sai’s Two-Point Solution

Devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba would savour his two golden words: “Shraddha” & “Saburi” meaning faith & patience. These two words (qualities) form the basis for all that we can achieve in this world. Faith & patience is also very much required in our personal financial planning, more importantly when we are investing in Equity Markets.

1 5 March 2012

“FAITH”: When ever we are investing anywhere, we should have a minimum level of faith & positivity about the future prospects of growth of the economy. Without faith, there cannot be any investments happening any where & in anything. Faith would mean unwavering faith which is different from our belief system or being positive. Any one can have faith about the equity markets when the markets are going up. But to sustain the faith in the economy when the markets are going down, separates the successful investor from the not so successful one. And this FAITH can manifest in our decisions only if we are equipped with proper knowledge of our investments for which we will have to invest our time to understand the nature of investments in a systematic manner. Or the easiest way is to engage a trusted financial advisor who would guide the investment decisions for your financial goals. Naturally, here again your “FAITH” would have to get shifted to the financial advisor.

“PATIENCE”: For many people, even though they have “SHRADDHA” (Faith), they may want the results too quickly. Their goals may be far away – but they want those to be achieved today itself. Every one loves making money soon – but then wealth creation, just like nurturing a relationship, growing a tree, education takes time. During this process, one should develop the art of “PATIENCE” (Saburi).

With “FAITH” we can be confident / positive about the future & with “PATIENCE” we will be peaceful till the goals are reached / achieved.

So, remember Shirdi Sai Baba for these two wonderful qualities he wants us to embrace for a peaceful life & wealth creation – “SHRADDHA – Faith” & “SABURI – Patience.

International Women’s Day

#HappyWomensday #Internationalwomensday


Rough Translation of Mahakavi Bharathiyar’s poem on Women (Shakti – The State of Feminine)!

The state of being with no suffering is Shakti
The state of being awakened is Shakti
A matured tender love is Shakti
The fulfillment of masculine is Shakti
Matured joy is Shakti
The God who dwells in all our thoughts is Shakti
The work that we do is Shakti
The end in Liberation & enlightenment is Shakti
The courage that destroys laziness is Shakti
The flame present in the words is Shakti
The taste in the sweetest of fruits is Shakti
The thoughts about God is Shakti
Shiva living in the mountain, his lovely partner is Shakti
The force responsible for life’s prosperity is Shakti
The intellect that protects the world is Shakti
The one that protects us from falling is Shakti
The penance that removes confusion is Shakti
The infinite that spans the entire universe is Shakti
The highness that destroys Karma is Shakti
The flame that shines inside one’s mind is Shakti

Money Lessons from Lord Shiva

Personal Finance Lessons from Lord Shiva:

1) Shiva though being a supreme God, still chooses to lead a very simple life in a mountain. He has very few needs and even his marriage was conducted in a simple manner. This forms the basis of all financial planning.

2) Shiva is known for his indifference to the ups & downs of life. He practices detachment. Similarly one must be detached from both greed & fear to make investing a successful journey.

3) Lord Shiva make sure that Parvathi is involved in all important matters that he has given half of his body to Parvathi. Similarly one needs to involve their spouse in money management decisions for a happy life.

4) More importantly Shiva is an indirect controller of stock market in the form of Nandi (The bull). So if one wants higher returns from stock market he should pray to Lord Shiva 🙂

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