Financial Lessons from Pharaoh’s Dreams

One night Pharaoh has two very special dreams, and he wonders what they mean.

Seven fat cows, seven thin cows

Pharaoh gets Joseph, who is in prison & tells Joseph his dreams: ‘I saw seven fat, beautiful cows. Then I saw seven very thin and bony cows. And the thin ones ate up the fat cows.

‘In my second dream I saw seven heads of full, ripe grain growing on one stalk. Then I saw seven thin, dried-out heads of grain. And the thin heads of grain began to swallow up the seven good heads of grain.’

A thin, dried-out head of grain and a full, ripe head of grain

Joseph says to Pharaoh: ‘The two dreams mean the same thing. The 7 fat cows and the 7 full heads of grain mean 7 years, and the seven 7 cows and the 7 thin heads of grain mean 7 more years. There will be 7 years when a lot of food will grow in Egypt. Then there will be 7 years when very little food will grow.’

So Joseph tells Pharaoh: ‘Choose a wise man and put him in charge of collecting food during the seven good years. Then the people will not starve during the following seven bad years when very little food will grow.’

Pharaoh likes the idea. And he chooses Joseph to collect the food, and to store it up. Next to Pharaoh, Joseph becomes the most important man in Egypt.

Lesson for us: 
SAVE money during our active earning years - it will come to help us during our non-earning (or) less earning retirement period.
Always SAVE for emergency & rainy days!