International Women’s Day

#HappyWomensday #Internationalwomensday


Rough Translation of Mahakavi Bharathiyar’s poem on Women (Shakti – The State of Feminine)!

The state of being with no suffering is Shakti
The state of being awakened is Shakti
A matured tender love is Shakti
The fulfillment of masculine is Shakti
Matured joy is Shakti
The God who dwells in all our thoughts is Shakti
The work that we do is Shakti
The end in Liberation & enlightenment is Shakti
The courage that destroys laziness is Shakti
The flame present in the words is Shakti
The taste in the sweetest of fruits is Shakti
The thoughts about God is Shakti
Shiva living in the mountain, his lovely partner is Shakti
The force responsible for life’s prosperity is Shakti
The intellect that protects the world is Shakti
The one that protects us from falling is Shakti
The penance that removes confusion is Shakti
The infinite that spans the entire universe is Shakti
The highness that destroys Karma is Shakti
The flame that shines inside one’s mind is Shakti

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