Money Lessons from Lord Shiva

Personal Finance Lessons from Lord Shiva:

1) Shiva though being a supreme God, still chooses to lead a very simple life in a mountain. He has very few needs and even his marriage was conducted in a simple manner. This forms the basis of all financial planning.

2) Shiva is known for his indifference to the ups & downs of life. He practices detachment. Similarly one must be detached from both greed & fear to make investing a successful journey.

3) Lord Shiva make sure that Parvathi is involved in all important matters that he has given half of his body to Parvathi. Similarly one needs to involve their spouse in money management decisions for a happy life.

4) More importantly Shiva is an indirect controller of stock market in the form of Nandi (The bull). So if one wants higher returns from stock market he should pray to Lord Shiva 🙂

#happymahashivratri #mahashivaratri

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