6 Simple Truths About Money

Becoming RICH & more importantly staying RICH is actually NOT a complicated one. If we follow the below 6 simple steps, any one can become rich over a period of time. While practicing this, care should be taken to ensure that enough time is given to accumulate riches – Wealth, like growing a tree, building relationships & education TAKES TIME. Our hastiness makes sure that we don’t become rich at all – and even if we become one – we would either not have become peacefully rich or we would be still be unhappy despite our riches.

  1. Put 10 Coins in a Box daily & pick up 9 coins daily – Soon the box will be over-flowing. This rule emphasize on the simple formula: Income – Savings = Expenses & not Income – Expenses = Savings.
  2. Money Pick only 9 coins. This rule emphasize on the discipline factor. Many a times we start something & we don’t continue it till the goal is reached for whatsoever reasons.
  3. Allow the coins in the box to go out & bring along with them a few more coinsThis rule talks about investments & not keep the money idle.
  4. Let the coins go out to only places of repute; lest they can never come back. This rule emphasizes on the fact that Gold & greed never stay together – in an urgency to make quick money we should not invest in things which promises quick money or in quick time.
  5. Insure the source of these 9 coins – this is very important & should ideally be the 1st rule. Insurance forms the foundation for any financial planning & if that is not taken into account – it is more like building a 10-storied building with no foundation.
  6. Aspire & find ways to earn more than 10 coins. Be happy with your current work – but never settle for less. Focus your energy in becoming a better person every single day in all aspects of life – after all life is not only about getting materialistically rich.

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